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For she's a jolly good Fellow

Susan Sanders, the Director of London Pharmacy Education and Training has been recognised as a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society for distinction in the profession of pharmacy.  Congratulations Susan!

LPET Learn Online

LPET are proud to introduce LPET Learn Online. This is an interactive site which facilitates a blended learning (modules to be completed online before or after face-to-face learning events) and e-learning (modules to be completed online only).

We have developed a calculations test to support pre-registration trainee pharmacists and self-directed learning materials to support the Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Health and Trainee Pharmacy Assistants. We have also developed a forum to help facilitate discussions between CPD Facilitators and Education and Training Leads.

Please have a look at our taster course. This course is intended to give you an overview of our brand-new provision online.

The taster course comprises of four topics. You may view the course content as a 'guest' user, this will allow you to view pages but not undertake any activities.

You will need to enrol on this course in order to use all the features properly. If you have already been issued a username and password login for this site, you can enrol yourself. 

If you are not a site user yet and want to try all the features in this course, contact us first to get a temporary Tester account at:

 ·         Pre-registration support:

·         Professional Development support:

·         VQ Support: 

Following feedback from users we hope to be developing more resources in the near future.

HEE/HEFCE consultation

LPET has responded to the HEE/HEFCE consultation: Ensuring a sustainable supply of pharmacy graduates.  The full LPET response can be found here.

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and Health Education England (HEE) are consulting on the number of pharmacy graduates in England.  The consultation will address concerns that there may be an over-supply of pharmacy graduates compared with the demand for registered pharmacists and the consequent availability of pre-registration trainee pharmacist placements in the NHS.  The HEFCE/HEE consultation proposes various options and is aimed at a wide range of stakeholders including employers, universities, regulators, professional bodies and students. London Pharmacy Education and Training will be responding to the consultation. To have your say visit:'

IiP IiP Hooray! LPET's Investors in People (IiP) status has been renewed

Following a successful Investors in People (IiP) assessment on Monday 15 April, LPET's Investors in People (IiP) status has been renewed. Investors in People is a national quality standard that sets a level of good practice for improving an organisation’s performance through its people. The Investors in People framework is based on the plan, do, review cycle. LPET first achieved Investors in People accreditation in 2007 after being assessed against the 10 standards within the framework by an external assessor. In order to maintain accreditation an assessment must take place every 3 years.

Investors in People is very valuable to the LPET service because the external assessor highlights our areas of strength and also areas for development. In preparation for this year's assessment we looked back at our service in 2007 when we first achieved Investors in People accreditation and compared it to where we are today. We could see clearly how our service had improved over the last 6 years - especially our business planning and strategy - and could recognise the contribution Investors in People had made to our achievements. The whole LPET team are very proud to be an Investors in People accredited organisation.

FUNDING AVAILABLE - 'Darzi' Fellowships in Clinical Leadership 2013/14

The London LETBs have agreed to support a 5th cohort of 'Darzi' Fellows, who will work to medical directors and their equivalents on QIPP-related projects.  As in previous years, Fellows will be supported by a bespoke (University accredited) leadership development programme.

The intention is that this year's Fellows will be a multiprofessional group including pharmacy, in the early years of their career.

Further information is available at:

The closing date for applications is Friday 22 February 2013.


London Local Education and Training Boards Update

The London Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs) have been finalising their arrangements for professional input at their membership/stakeholder councils.  Pharmacy nominations from the London Pharmacy Workforce Group have been submitted to:

  • North Central and East London LETB's Members Representatives Council
  • North West London LETB's Stakeholder Advisory Council
  • South London LETB's Membership Council.


RPS Accreditation

As part of accreditation with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) running until 2014, LPET has submitted updates to the RPS for the following Training Courses:

The New CPD Facilitators Learning Event has been reaccredited by the RPS.  LPET network events are not accredited by the RPS (due to the learning outcomes changing at each event).  Also, the RPS does not accredit formally recognised qualifications such as vocational qualifications.  


Creating a Workforce Vision

The London Pharmacy Workforce Group (LPWG) is holding an event 'Creating a Workforce Vision' on Monday 17 December 09.00-13.00 which aims to develop a vision for the workforce to support medicines optimisation across London for the next 5 years.  Invites have been sent out to LPWG members, alternative members and other key stakeholders.


LPET links to emerging LETBs

Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs) will be authorised by Health Education England (HEE) to define local development priorities and commission Education and Training.  Given the pace of change and importance of LETBs in delivering skills and development strategy, members of the LPET team are linking to the emerging LETBs in East of England and London as follows:

  • East of England LETB: Tamsin Regnes
  • North Central and East London LETB: Chris John
  • North West London LETB: Susan Sanders
  • South London LETB: Susan Sanders 


To LETB or not to LETB?

Read Susan Sanders article published in this month's 'Clinical Pharmacist'.


LPET Annual Report 2011-2012

The LPET Annual Report 2011-2012 can now be viewed here.  The report covers the Service Level Agreement 'For Services to Support Pharmacy Workforce Development' between LPET and NHS London and the then East of England Strategic Health Authority that was reviewed in 2011-2012 including the education, training and support for:

  • pre-registration trainee pharmacists
  • pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians
  • trainee pharmacy assistants
  • qualified pharmacy staff



The London LETB Pharmacy Advisory Group

The London LETB Pharmacy Advisory Group is a sub-group of the London Pharmacy Workforce Development Group (LPWDG) and has been set-up to support the LPWDG members who are on the transitional boards of the evolving London LETBs.  It will: 

  • facilitate consistency of message re: the pharmacy workforce
  • report back to and seek input from LPWDG members
  • make recommendations to LETBs on behalf of LPWDG. 
  • seek an efficient, unified services approach to pharmacy workforce issues across the London LETBs.


Development of Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs) in London

At a meeting of the London Pharmacy Workforce Development Group (LPWDG) held on 27 February an update was given about the three emerging LETBs in London.  Each of the three LETBs being set up in London now has pharmacy representation:  Ian Bates (North Central/North East London LETB), Susan Sanders (North West London LETB) and Ash Soni (South London LETB). This is important so that a strong voice is given to pharmacy workforce issues in the NHS’s new system for education, training and workforce planning.  Ian and Ash are new members of the LPWDG, and its membership and Terms of Reference are being reviewed in the light of the emerging LETBs and their responsibilities outlined in the ‘Liberating the NHS: Developing the Healthcare Workforce  From design to delivery’ document published in January 2012. Susan, Ian & Ash and LPWDG members are meeting with each of the 3 LETB ‘Design Leads’ to brief them on pharmacy workforce issues.


'Love Learning - Like LPET. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter'

'LPET is now on Facebook and Twitter, LPET is using these social media sites to facilitate communication and service-user involvement.' Please read the LPET Social Media Policy for Service Users.


RPS Accredits LPET

'As part of LPET’s commitment to delivering high quality training and professional development we are pleased to announce that the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has accredited the following LPET programme, accreditations and learning event:  

As the RPS do not accredit vocational qualifications, we are applying for Matrix accreditation as a Vocational Qualification Team quality initiative.’