Pharmacy Technician Self Development Programme (PTSDP)

Pharmacy technician counselling a patient on their medication    Aseptic suite

What is the Pharmacy Technician Self Development Programme?

The Pharmacy Technician Self Developement Programme (PTSDP) is for registered qualified pharmacy technicians and recognises the role they play in the delivery of pharmaceutical services. It aims to provide a structured approach to their career development by recognising and developing existing skills.

Many employers in London & Midlands and East (East of England - Beds, Essex and Herts) are using the Pharmacy Technician Self Development Programme alongside their own appraisal or personal development planning procedures. Completing the programme can also act as a starting point or aid to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

For further details of this programme please refer to the Pharmacy Technician Self Development Programme (PTSDP) booklet.

Entry Requirements for the Pharmacy Technician Self Development Programme

Qualified pharmacy technicians wishing to undertake the PTSDP must be registered with the GPhC, currently working within an NHS trust and must have a work based facilitator.

In order to register a pharmacy technican onto the pharmacy technician self develeopment programme please email Tracey Tisley, Pharmacy Technician Training Facilitator