Training & Useful Information for Qualified Pharmacy Technicians


Training Resources for Pharmacy Technicians

London Pharmacy Education and Training has a variety of training resources available for pharmacy technicians ranging from accredited courses and study days to training DVDs which may be hired. The majority of these resources are free of charge to NHS organisations within London & Midlands and East (East of England - Beds, Essex and Herts). Independent pharmacies and organisations outside the London region may also hire these resources and if interested should contact Fiona Caldwell.

Pharmacy Technician Courses

Accredited Checking Pharmacy Technician (ACPT) Scheme
Accreditation in Medicines Management (AIMM) for Pharmacy Technicians
Accreditation in Training Skills (ATS)

Pharmacy Technician Training Frameworks

Pharmacy Techncian Self Development Programme (PTSDP)

General Learning Resources

Our General Learning Resources will help you develop your knowledge and skills in a wide range of topics. Some of the learning resources have been developed by LPET using our specialist knowledge. All LPET learning resources can be downloaded from our website. We also have a variety of learning resources for loan e.g. DVDs, videos and games.