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About the CPD Facilitators’ Network


London Pharmacy Education & Training keeps pharmacy staff in NHS organisations abreast of the latest developments in professional CPD practice and regulatory body requirements through the CPD Facilitators’ Network.

These events are open to pharmacy staff working in NHS organisations in London and Midlands and East (East of England- Beds, Essex & Herts). Pharmacy staff outside the region may attend at a cost of £150 per event.

A lot of pharmacy staff still require support and guidance to undertake CPD despite CPD being a statutory requirement for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). This need for support has increased since pharmacy technician registration became a statutory requirement in June 2011, because CPD is a new concept for a lot of pharmacy technicians. In addition CPD is likely to become a major part of revalidation and the GPhC CPD systems may need to be revised to make them suitable for revalidation. So we can still expect to see changes over the next few years in relation to CPD policy and how we approach our CPD.

A typical programme will include:
  • CPD updates e.g. presentations from the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) on CPD and statutory pharmacy technician registration; CPD Standards, Framework and Rules; CPD and how it will be used for revalidation etc. 

  • Advice and guidance from LPE&T on how to respond to or implement new GPhC CPD requirements

  • Information on CPD support and learning resources e.g. from LPE&T and other learning providers

  • Discussions on current thinking and research about Pharmacy Professional Development

  • Networking to share best CPD practice across NHS organisations including presentations from peers

  • Interactive workshops and action plans to implement the learning in the workplace

Please contact Helen Middleton if you would like to present at a future CPD Facilitators’ network event. Click here for an example of a previous presentation.

Handouts from previous CPD Facilitators’ Network events


May 2012

Programme Flyer
Looking Back and Looking Forwards ppt.
CPD Olympics Personal Learning Plan
CPD Olympics challenge questions
Through the Looking Glass-Evaluation and Feedback on CPD entries ppt.
Feedback Mode1 1
Feedback Model 2

What participants said about the event:

"Different techniques to take back to the workplace most useful."


November 2011



CPD menus for getting people started with CPD recording

CPD 5 minute wonders

Guided CPD Entry - Influenza

What participants said about the event:

"Fun, informative sessions that were engaging and delivered by excellent trainers."
"Very good session which gave me a lot to take back to my workplace."


May 2011 



GPhC CPD Update

CPD focusing on Outcomes not Inputs

Learning Portfolios

Developing Reflective Practice Skills



November 2010



GPhC CPD update

Guided CPD entry TEMPLATE

Guided CPD entry - Aspirin & pre-eclampsia

Guided CPD entry - Insulin mixtard 30 discontinuation 



May 2010




A diagnostic approach to CPD support 1

A diagnostic approach to CPD support 2

CPD implementation in my department - Emma Kingman