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Using these learning resources will develop your knowledge and skills in a wide range of topics. To make it easy for you to link these learning resources to your KSF outline and Personal Development Plan (PDP) you can search for Learning Resources by KSF dimension.

Some of the learning resources have been developed by LPET using our specialist knowledge. All LPET learning resources can be downloaded from our website. We also have a variety of learning resources for loan e.g. DVDs, videos and games. These use generic non-pharmacy scenarios but the principles can be transferred to your own working environment.  Contact Fiona Caldwell to borrow the DVDs and videos. N.B. You can only borrow these if you work at NHS pharmacy organisations in London & Midlands and East (East of England-Beds, Essex & Herts.

Our aim is to be your first point of call for your professional development, so we have used our website to signpost you in the direction of useful learning resources from other reputable providers. However we can’t be responsible for the content of the links on this site.

We use the following symbols to represent the different types of learning resources so that you can quickly see what is availalbe to best suit your learning style.



Game  Game

Internet resource e.g. a web page

Download e.g. distance learning pack that can be downloaded from a website

e-Learning e.g. module with interactive questionairre or online activity

Search for Learning Resources by KSF dimension

KSF Core 1: Communication

KSF Core 2: Personal and People Development

KSF Core 3: Health, Safety and Security

KSF Core 4: Service Improvement

KSF Core 5: Quality

KSF Core 6: Equality and Diversity

KSF IK2: Information Collection and Analysis

KSF G1: Learning and Development

KSF G4: Financial Management

KSF G5: Services and Project Management

KSF G6: People Management